Why iPhilStocks?


A Universal App For All Devices

iPhilStocks+ has been created to be optimized for all screen sizes. With an iPad more information is fit on the screen, with an iPhone less. It even supports the latest Split view multitasking found in the latest iPad and iPad Pro. This ensures the best user experience no matter what device you use.

A Ton Of Functionality
iPhilStocks+ comes with extensive features such as the ability to manage unlimited portfolios, view profits, search for bargains with market summaries, charts with technicals, news, Split-View multitatasking and more.

Information Not Found Anywhere Else
iPhilStocks+ is the only app which summaries market data to help investors. Data shown the day's market gainers, and losers, lowest pe stocks, highest yielding stocks, highest year-to-date performing stocks, stocks at 1-year low, and more. No other app comes close!


Manage Unlimited Portfolios

Our feature-rich portfolio manager allows you to add, rename, arrange portfolios easily, and save data to iCloud for later syncing or backup.

Native Charts With Technicals

iPhilStocks+ comes with native charts which are simple yet powerful. Analyze charts with RSI, MACD with signal line, simple moving averages. Or, compare charts of different stocks.

Profit Viewer

iPhilStocks uniquely can accept both buy and sell transactions to calculate both unrealized and realized profits. In addition, you can also watch overall and daily profits.

Essential Market Summaries and News

iPhilStocks+ summarizes the latest market action so you don't have to. View the latest gainers, losers and most active, lowest PE stocks and highest yielding stocks. In addition, iPhilStocks+ curates the latest news so you can invest with the right information.


Made For The Future

iPhilStocks+ incorporates the latest iOS 10 technologies such as iCloud, Auto-Layout, gestures, and many more to ensure the best performance and feature set of any app in its class.

iOS 10



Powerful Yet Simple

iPhilStocks+ is designed for simplicity and lets you work immediately. We don't require user accounts, passwords, application forms, nor show ads. In addition, we've implemented gestures throughout the app to make navigation fast and intuitive.

No user accounts

No maintaining balances

No logins

No Ads


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