General FAQ

What are the main features of iPhilStocks+?
  • Multiple portfolio manager
  • Market summaries
  • Charts with technicals
  • Compare Stocks
  • iCloud Syncing
  • Split View multititasking
  • View unrealized and realized profit view
  • Add buy and sell transactions
  • Headline and Company News

How many portfolios does iPhilStocks+ support?
10 out-of-the box, 100 with an in-app purchase.

What technicals are supported by iPhilStocks+ charts?
MACD with signal line, RSI, SMA. You can edit the duration of each of the technicals. In addition charts allows you to compare performance of various stocks.

What is the difference between iPhilStocks+, iPhilStocks Pro, and iPhilStocks Basic?
  • iPhilStocks+ is a universal app, optimized for iPad and iPhone. It supports the latest Split-View multitasking on the iPad.
  • iPhilStocks Basic and iPhilStocks Pro are NOT universal apps. Those are optimised for iPhone only.
  • iPhilStocks Basic is the simplest version of iPhilStocks. It is limited to 1 portfolio which cannot be upgraded. It also does not include all the valuation lists found in iPhilStocks+ and iPhilStocks Pro(i.e. stocks at 1 year low, YTD best/worst performers) nor technical analysis.

How do I contact you?
You can contact us at We'd love to hear your comments and questions.