Why PhilAlerts?


Time the Market with Alerts
PhilAlerts now allows for 15 simultaneous active alerts—3X more than before. You can receive notifications through push notifications and/or email.

Comprehensive Features
With PhilAlerts, its simple to manage multiple portfolios, calculate overall and daily profits, analyze candlestick charts and other technicals, get the latest company news and market headlines.

A Universal App For All Devices

PhilAlerts has been created to be optimized for all screen sizes. With an iPad more information is fit on the screen, with an iPhone less. It even supports the latest Split view multitasking found in the latest iPad and iPad Pro.


Stock Alerts

With PhilAlerts stock alerts you set a target price and let the service monitor the stock market for you. If the target is met, a push notification and/or email is sent. It’s so much easier than opening an app, or viewing data from a website. It’s that simple.

Native Charts with Technicals

PhilAlerts charts provide unique technicals not found in other apps: Candlesticks, Open-High-Low-Close, MACD with signal line, Simple moving averages. In addition, PhilAlerts charts scale to any device screen, so charts look even better on an iPad

Easily Manage 100 Portfolios and Monitor Profits

Use portfolio manager to add, rename, arrange portfolios easily. You can add and arrange stocks within any portfolio. In addition, portfolio manager allows you to monitor overall and daily profits from each portfolio. Because we use iCloud all portfolios are automatically synced across your devices without pressing a button or modifying a setting

Aggregated News

When investing, we know getting the right news matters. So we worked hard to create PhilAlerts news service which intelligently compiles news from important news providers.


Made For The Future

PhilAlerts incorporates the latest iOS technologies such as CoreData, iCloud, Auto-Layout, Push Notifications, gestures, and many more to ensure the best performance and feature set of any app in its class. We've also written it in Swift, Apple's latest programming language giving PhilAlerts a solid foundation for the future.

iOS 10


Swift Language



Push Notifications

Powerful Yet Simple

PhilAlerts is designed for simplicity and lets you work immediately. We don't require user accounts, passwords, application forms, nor show ads. In addition, we've implemented gestures throughout the app to make navigation fast and intuitive.

No user accounts

No maintaining balances

No logins

No Ads


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