Alerts FAQ

What kind of Alerts are supported?
PhilAlerts supports both Apple push notifications and email notifications.

How many alerts are supported in PhilAlerts?
PhilAlerts allows for 15 simultaneous active alerts at a time unlimited. 3X more than the previous version. If you need more alerts, you can upgrade to 45 simultaneous alerts valid for one year.

Are PhilAlerts portfolios synced across multiple devices?
Yes. We use iCloud to sync portfolios and other settings.

Are PhilAlerts synced across all devices?
No. PhilAlerts notifications rely on a unique iOS identifier to deliver notifications which is unique to each device. In addition, because we do not require user login, there is no way to tell which devices belong to the same user.

Are alerts using APNS guaranteed?
No. APNS notification does not guarantee delivery, even though Apple's experience running global infrastructure makes it likely you will receive the notification.

What other methods of alerts does PhilAlerts support?
Aside from Apple Push Notifications, PhilAlerts also supports alerts via email. We've tested this to work in Gmail service and We recommend putting the email in the contact list to reduce the chances of the email being sent to the junk or spam folder.

What security is built in to PhilAlerts?
PhilAlerts now comes with SSL encryption for better security of transmission.

If one upgrades alerts to premium? Is this purchase applicable to all my devices?
Yes! All your devices will have the capability to add 45 simultaneous alerts with the same one year validity.