Portfolio FAQ

How many portfolios can PhilAlerts create?
PhilAlerts allows for 100 portfolios.

How do you create a portfolio?

  • Tap the title in the navigation bar
  • tap + and a portfolio will be crated with the default name
  • tap edit to change the name of the portfolio

What can you edit in a portfolio?

  • Rename a portfolio
  • Arrange a list of portfolios. Note that on app launch, the first portfolio in the list will be shown by default
  • Delete a portfolio

How do you view profits?
Tap the Profits button in the portfolio view. Profits are calculated based on the transactions (i.e.) buy prices, number of shares, and the current price of the stock.

How do you add transactions?
  • Tap the Transactions button in the portfolio view
  • In the transactions view, tap the + button
  • The search view will appear
  • Tap the stock you wish to add a transaction for
  • In the transaction input view, add the price bought, shares bought, and date bought